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GOOGLE the best website for everyone!

GOOGLE is best website About Earn Money!

There is a common myth that simply putting Ad Sense on your website will get you some instant cash. If you are one of the millions who have tried know it's not that easy. Many people simply create the ads and place the code on their site without giving them another thought. Visit to

How should you customize your ads to maximize your profits? Let's talk about location first. Where should your ads be place for best performance? The center of the page is the best location followed by the upper left hand side bar, just below the header and directly below your text at the bottom of the page. Places you should avoid are the right hand side bar, above the header, and lower left hand sidebar.

Let's move on to the style of your Ad Sense ads. Borders are a big no-no when it comes to Ad Sense ads, yet I still see them around. When you have a border it provides a visual stopping point between your text and the ad. Make your border the same color as your background on your site so that it becomes invisible. Also, the background of the ad itself should be the same as your site. Next, we have the title color. It should be the same color as the active links on your site, the area that you are placing the ads in. This will allow the users to know that they can click on it. The URL and text color should be the same as the main text color in your site for the area that you are placing the ad in.

Now, if you've paid attention, you'll notice the same theme in the paragraphs above. Make the Ad Sense blend in with your site with the exact same colors of your site. Instead of thinking of them as ads, think of them as small areas of important text related to your site. People have developed "Banner Blindness" and anything that looks like an ad will not get any attention or clicks, people simply don't see them anymore.

I can give you a few more tips to jump start your Ad Sense earnings. Surf other people's site and see what they did. Avoid image ads. And finally, maximize your ads. When I wrote this, you were allowed 3 ad link units and 3 text ads, which I use. Make sure you put them all on your page.

Ad links work the best when placed in navigational areas. The border and background color should be the same as the background in the areas that the link unit is to be placed. The title color should be the same as the rest of the navigation links. Horizontal units can be placed just below the header or just above the footer. Vertical units can be placed in the middle, above, or below vertical navigational areas. Visit to

Tips and about google

Tips and about Google

I have been quite fascinated by Google ever since they started out as a search engine. Over the time Google has become an indispensable tool for any serious geek. I will describe a few techniques that I use. They have been collected from various help pages, chat rooms and books. If you find any error please point it out.

Common queries
So how will you effectively use Google. Take this example. A friend of mine was asking me over yahoo messenger what is a blog. I told him to search on Google and find out. He tried this. blog
Alas the answer was there but lost in thousands of links. He alerted me that he can't find an answer. I told " Ok , Let me see What is wrong? ". I tried this
What is blog The answer was right there.
While formulating search queries you must be specific as far as possible. A query like Linux vpn howto can yield a different result than vpn howto. Google seems to be intelligent enough to understand some human thought chain. So while making queries be a bit descriptive and formulate a properly worded query. Google ignores some of the common words such as 'the' 'and' 'a' etc while performing a search.

How to formulate a good search string
Google uses AND logic for the queries by default. If you search linux vpn howto google searches for pages containing linux AND vpn AND howto. You can put OR logic in the search box like this
linux OR vpn OR howto
You can exclude some terms using "-"
linux vpn -installation
Try ( linux vpn - installation ) and see how it is different from the above query. You can group a set of terms by enclosing them in brackets. It is also possible to combine AND and OR operators.
It may be noted that Google is not case sensitive regarding search strings. Linux, LINUX and linux produces the same results. However the operators such as AND and OR are case sensitive.

Searching for a file
Suppose you want to search for pdf documents only. You can do this by attaching a filetype modifier to your query. A typical query can look like this
vpn filetype:pdf Google can recognize most common filetyes.

Searching only at a site
This is similar to file type modifier. Try this VPN Then try vpn site:edu filetype:pdf You can get some interesting result by trying this query linux

Searching in URLs and Page titles
You can search in urls using inurl modifier. Try inurl:smb.conf Similarly you can use intitle modifier.

Searching in Google cache
If you are looking for some old web site you can directly search in Google cache. Try and see the cached pages.

Looking for definitions
This can be handy if your school going kid pesters you for his home work. Try
define:watt It bring out definitions from around the web.

Looking at Google advanced search
I think it is one link that most people try to ignore. It is designed for commoners. Almost all the options I mentioned above are available through advanced search.
The preferences page is also worth a visit. It uses cookies to set preferences such as number of search results to be displayed, language preferences etc.

Finding the price of some geek gadget
Google has a companion site called Its interface is exactly similar. But it returns prices across various stores in the US. This feature can be very useful if you plan to buy some strange hardware. Let us hope that will appear soon.

Google Calculator
In the google search :
Type in an equation: (100+4567*10-200=)
What is the square root of 267? (sqrt(267))

Google labs
Google is very innovative and always tries to introduce new features. You can see some of the upcoming features at . Also Google conducts a puzzle champion ships annually.

Google Sets
Google sets is an interesting feature currently available at
Have a look at the page. You will see a number of text boxes. Enter some words which belongs to a set of items and search. Google will complete the set.
I typed in the names of following linux distributions " Mandrake" "Suse" " "debian" and hit larger set button. Google provided a huge list of linux distributions.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Israel wages political pre-election war against Palestine


The Israeli administration decided to finish the operation in the Gaza Strip, but peace is not going to come to the region anyway. The consequences of the Israel-led operation in the Gaza Strip are horrifying. The Israeli administration may have launched the operation for its own political reasons. It may just so happen that it is a pre-election war for Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert stated on Saturday that the Israeli Army had been ordered to cease fire since the goals of the operation had been achieved. He did not specify which kind of goals the operation had. Hamas refused to cease fire as long as Israeli troops were present on the Gaza Strip, whereas Israel was not going to pull out from the region.

One may assume that Israel unleashed the military operation in the Gaza Strip to raise chances of the ruling party during the upcoming election and complete the operation before the end of Bush’s term in the office, the Ambassador of Palestine to the Russian Federation said.

The diplomat backed the suggestion to establish an international committee for the investigation of the actions of the Israeli military in Gaza. “I represent the whole Palestinian nation here – 11 million people. Five million of them live in the historical land of Palestine . Six more million live all over the world as a result of the war of 1948. We, the Palestinian nation, have become the victims of the European history. We have become the Jews of Israel,” the diplomat wrote.

The Palestinians have always been proud of their political pluralism. The nation was always ready to preserve both the political pluralism and democracy. “We have a home problem now, but we lay big hopes on Egypt ’s goodwill mission,” the diplomat said. Egypt is one of the key states in the League of Arab States. The League entrusted Egypt with a mission of truce several months ago.

“We represent the national Palestinian movement since the war of 1973. We have been gradually moving towards consent and co-existence of two states in the Middle East. I always say that we were very reasonable even beyond reason. We support the peaceful solution of the problem through negotiations,” the ambassador wrote in an email to

The war in Gaza continues. The beginning of any war implies a diplomatic debacle. The ambassador lays hopes on Russia’s mission. This is a great nation, a constant UN Security Council member and the basic country of the four international mediators, which decided to hold the Mideastern conference in Moscow this coming spring.

The international community is certain that there was no need for Israel to strike such serious blows on Gaza. “I read Israeli papers every day. Only 13 Israelis have been killed, whereas the number of victims in Palestine exceeds 1,100 people, many of them are children below 12. Five thousand people have been wounded, many of them are women, children and elderly people. The Gaza Strip is a heavily populated territory. The bombings of Gaza always strike civil objects,” he wrote.

Over 200,000 people have lost their homes in the Gaza Strip, the territory suffered 3-billion-dollar damage as a result of the war. Israel struck several blows on UN objects, probably deliberately. Israel used prohibited kinds of weapons, including white phosphorus, against civil objects. This substance literally dissolves eyes and burns flesh without fire. Israel denied journalists entrance to the Gaza Strip having claimed that such “observers” would bring nothing but more problems.

The US administration promised the whole world that it would do everything to freeze the illegal construction of Jewish settlements. As experience shows, the settlements continue to appear, and the Israeli checkpoints were not removed. Unfortunately, Israel is not waging war against Hamas – it is waging war against the whole Palestinian nation.

Israel will go to the polls on February 10, so this war can be described as a pre-election war. Israeli officials believe that their tough actions against Palestine will bring better results. This is a very short-sighted kind of politics. The Israeli administration does not realize the whole depth of the moral crisis of the Israeli society. An opinion poll conducted in the USA showed that 44 percent of Americans support Israel, whereas 41 percent of them say that they condemn the actions of the Israeli administration. More importantly, about 30 percent of Barack Obama’s electors set out their sympathies with Palestine.