Monday, February 23, 2009

GOOGLE the best website for everyone!

GOOGLE is best website About Earn Money!

There is a common myth that simply putting Ad Sense on your website will get you some instant cash. If you are one of the millions who have tried know it's not that easy. Many people simply create the ads and place the code on their site without giving them another thought. Visit to

How should you customize your ads to maximize your profits? Let's talk about location first. Where should your ads be place for best performance? The center of the page is the best location followed by the upper left hand side bar, just below the header and directly below your text at the bottom of the page. Places you should avoid are the right hand side bar, above the header, and lower left hand sidebar.

Let's move on to the style of your Ad Sense ads. Borders are a big no-no when it comes to Ad Sense ads, yet I still see them around. When you have a border it provides a visual stopping point between your text and the ad. Make your border the same color as your background on your site so that it becomes invisible. Also, the background of the ad itself should be the same as your site. Next, we have the title color. It should be the same color as the active links on your site, the area that you are placing the ads in. This will allow the users to know that they can click on it. The URL and text color should be the same as the main text color in your site for the area that you are placing the ad in.

Now, if you've paid attention, you'll notice the same theme in the paragraphs above. Make the Ad Sense blend in with your site with the exact same colors of your site. Instead of thinking of them as ads, think of them as small areas of important text related to your site. People have developed "Banner Blindness" and anything that looks like an ad will not get any attention or clicks, people simply don't see them anymore.

I can give you a few more tips to jump start your Ad Sense earnings. Surf other people's site and see what they did. Avoid image ads. And finally, maximize your ads. When I wrote this, you were allowed 3 ad link units and 3 text ads, which I use. Make sure you put them all on your page.

Ad links work the best when placed in navigational areas. The border and background color should be the same as the background in the areas that the link unit is to be placed. The title color should be the same as the rest of the navigation links. Horizontal units can be placed just below the header or just above the footer. Vertical units can be placed in the middle, above, or below vertical navigational areas. Visit to

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